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The creation of Calorstat by Edgar B Frank in 1927 marked the start of a family history destined to become a worldwide success. A story where innovation, passion, demanding standards and performance are shared by all. A story that sees a company establish itself as a world leader while remaining true to its own values.

It was thus as a thermostat manufacturer that Calorstat won over the greatest numbers of automobile manufacturers of the time. High quality and performance were already a company hallmark. Research and the creation of new products were milestones in its success in these early years. In 1932, the temperature regulator for central heating boilers emerged. In 1950, the metal-bellows type thermostat came into widespread use in the automobile industry.

Two years later, the Vernet processes were created, the company having been acquired by Calorstat in 1962. The 1960s saw a radical change in the company in many respects. Almost 40 years after its creation, Vernet had a major lead in the thermal regulation market. The "wax" thermostatic element was launched in 1965. An innovation which set Vernet apart from its competitors.

Vernet then deployed its acquired experience in new business sectors. In 1970, the first thermostatic elements for heating and plumbing sanitary were designed. They quickly established themselves as reference products. The next year, Vernet established its headquarters, and the Group's largest site, in Ollainville, Essonne, south of Paris.

"The family spirit" continued to ensure Vernet's success. But while Vernet still manufactured locally, the company would from then on think globally. In 1971, Vernet created its U.S. subsidiary Caltherm. Other keys-dates in this international development include 1995 when Vernet established a site in Argentina and 2006 when it established its brand in China. In the meantime, CALORSTAT by Vernet was relaunched to federate all the ranges of spare parts manufactured by the company.

"Specialist in high-end products, renowned for their quality"

Vernet now does business on almost all the five continents and the company's family dimension is still as vibrant as ever, particularly on the two production sites of Ollainville and Cinq-Mars-la-Pile which employ 350 people.

As a designer and manufacturer of high-end thermostatic cartridges and elements and a major supplier of thermostatic solutions for engine thermal management, Vernet has established itself more than ever as a global leader.

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